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  • Food traceability on its own is ‘just boring’: FSC co-founder

    An Australian creator of digital identities for food producers claims it is going beyond simple ‘traceability’ with a blockchain-based technology that shows retailers and consumers the exact quality of food being marketed.

    Written by Byron Connolly26 Sept. 19 16:06
  • Contractors reshaping tech sector: recruiter

    IT contractors are helping Australia’s chief information officers get their digitisation projects over the line, according to a new report.

    Written by Byron Connolly17 Sept. 19 10:56
  • Australian blockchain industry bodies merge

    ​Industry body for Australian blockchain businesses Blockchain Australia has merged with the Australian Digital Currency Association (ADCA), a body representing similar interests.

    Written by George Nott30 July 19 09:51
  • Facebook launches Libra, industry takes note

    After much speculation, Facebook has officially revealed it will venture into the crypto and blockchain world, launching a cryptocurrency called Libra next year.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien19 June 19 12:41
  • Facebook is going into the banking business with blockchain

    The social media powerhouse plans to launch a blockchain-based financial network and cryptocurrency in 2020 that will allow users to make purchases or transfer funds with just a couple taps on an app.

    Written by Lucas Mearian19 June 19 04:59
  • Building a blockchain? You may want to wait until 2021

    Gartner is claiming that 90 per cent of current enterprise blockchain implementations will need to be replaced by 2021 to remain competitive, secure and avoid obsolescence.​

    Written by Byron Connolly04 June 19 12:40
  • Financial institutions inefficient in handling data

    Data distribution is fraught with inefficiencies across the financial services sector, exposing companies and customers to financial, regulatory and commercial risk, according to research.

    Written by Lilia Guan11 April 19 11:40
  • 6 blockchain trends in 2019

    2018 was yet another big year for blockchain. Organisations across many industries from retail to shipping are using the technology to counter disruptive threats, and push into new markets to create new revenue streams.

    Written by Rupert Colchester14 Feb. 19 13:45