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  • Careless downloading makes BlackBerry users spy targets

    IPhone lovers and other smartphone users should take heed: A security researcher showed ways to spy on a BlackBerry user during a presentation Wednesday, including listening to phone conversations, stealing contact lists, reading text messages, taking and viewing photos and figuring out the handset's location via GPS.

    Written by Dan Nystedt08 Oct. 09 01:15
  • Boxtone releases 'user self-service module' for BlackBerry

    BlackBerry-monitoring software-maker BoxTone today released the BoxTone User Self-Service Module for BlackBerry. The new product is meant for corporate customers who want to cut BlackBerry management and support costs without decreasing BlackBerry deployment numbers or quality of service.

    Written by Al Sacco02 Sept. 09 03:37
  • How one BlackBerry addict lost 50 Lbs. in six months

    Struggling to work off that spare tire around your waist? Maybe you're still trying to squeeze into that itty-bitty, polka-dotted swimsuit from last year? Your BlackBerry smartphone might not seem like the most obvious tool in the war on unwanted weight, but thanks to a new mobile application you can now carry your very own "24/7 weight-loss coach" in a pants pocket.

    Written by Al Sacco22 Aug. 09 04:32
  • UberTwitter BlackBerry Twitter app fiasco

    BlackBerry applications for social networking/microblogging service Twitter aren't exactly hard to come by. In the past year or so, a variety of quality Twitter apps for BlackBerry smartphones hit the Web, both free and commercial, including TweetGenius, SocialScope and UberTwitter.

    Written by Al Sacco14 Aug. 09 04:56
  • RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700/Onyx: new details

    CrackBerry addicts and tech-Web-watchers already know that RIM's got a brand new BlackBerry, unofficially dubbed "Onyx," waiting in the wings--related rumors have been swirling around the blogosphere for quite some time now. Heck, images of the unannounced device leaked months ago, so its existence is certain. Less sure are the details on when the device will become available, though some telling information showed up on a BlackBerry forum this past weekend. Keep reading for specifics--as well as two brand new images of the BlackBerry Bold "9700."

    Written by Al Sacco11 Aug. 09 02:40
  • Why BlackBerry Curve 8520 is First to Get Trackpad

    Today, Research In Motion (RIM) launched the new BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone, an evolution of the Curve 83xx and Curve 8900 families of BlackBerry devices. Though the new Curve's really nothing groundbreaking--it's basically a combination of the two earlier Curves--the device features one brand new BlackBerry component that could prove to be quite significant: the trackpad. But why would RIM ditch its traditional track ball now and release the trackpad on its cheapest, lowest-end BlackBerry ever? Keep moving for an official answer from RIM, as well as my own "unofficial" opinion.

    Written by Al Sacco06 Aug. 09 04:50
  • Dr. BlackBerry: eight apps making medicine more mobile

    Physicians may not have been the first professionals to embrace BlackBerry devices and smartphones, in general. But they sure aren't wasting any time nowadays. Heck, Dr. John Halamka, CIO of both Beth Israel Deaconness and Harvard Medical School is regarded as a mobile guru, even appearing in his own BlackBerry ad campaign.

    Written by Al Sacco30 July 09 06:18
  • BlackBerry troubleshooting tips & tricks from RIM

    Experiencing problems with that new BlackBerry Tour? Is your tried-and-true Curve 8300 acting up on ya? Have no fear; you don't necessarily have a "lemon" on your hands|.BlackBerry devices, and smartphones in general, can be a "finicky" bunch of gadgets. But thankfully, there are some quick fixes for common problems.

    Written by Al Sacco31 July 09 00:51
  • BlackBerry FAQ: why is software in apps list in BOLD text?

    I get a lot of BlackBerry-related questions. From colleagues, coworkers, family, friends, readers, the list goes on. The majority of inquiries are very basic. Things like "How do I make my BlackBerry's battery last longer?" Or "Why is my BlackBerry memory so low?"

    Written by Al Sacco24 July 09 03:37
  • Google Voice for BlackBerry

    Yesterday, search giant Google released a critical new component in its mobile-voice strategy, Google Voice applications for both its own Android mobile OS and the BlackBerry platform. Like the invite-only Google Voice service, the new apps are free. And they go a long ways toward making Google Voice a viable everyday calling solution. But a few key shortcomings need to be addressed before I can consider fully embracing Google Voice.

    Written by Al Sacco17 July 09 04:05
  • BlackBerry App World: 9 Must-Do Fixes

    2009 is the Year of the Mobile App Store. Apple started the movement with the launch of its hugely successful iTunes App Store for the iPhone in 2008, then all the handset heavies followed suit. Today, Nokia operates the Ovi Store; Microsoft's got the upcoming Windows Marketplace for Mobile; Google runs Android Marketplace; and Research In Motion (RIM) runs BlackBerry App World.

    Written by Al Sacco02 July 09 07:18
  • BoxTone launches new BlackBerry monitoring service for MSPs

    BoxTone, a maker of BlackBerry platform monitoring/support software and services, on Tuesday will begin selling a version of its product that's tailored specifically for its Managed Service Provider (MSP) customers.

    Written by Al Sacco30 June 09 07:20