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  • Aussie mobile app developer tops Blackberry downloads

    Australian mobile app developer BigTinCan has a hit on its hands with its locally developed Blackberry application, BuzzMe, taking the number one spot globally for sales.

    Written by Georgina Swan08 Sept. 09 14:26
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  • RIM's New Curve 8520 Has Nine Unique BlackBerry Features

    The BlackBerry Curve 8520 hit U.S. shelves earlier this week, and though it certainly won't send hard-core CrackBerry addicts rushing to T-Mobile stores to scoop one up--it's an entry-level device, meant for new smartphone users--the handheld actually has more "new" BlackBerry features and hardware tweaks than any other device Research In Motion (RIM) has released in a year.

    Written by Al Sacco07 Aug. 09 03:53
  • Why BlackBerry Curve 8520 is First to Get Trackpad

    Today, Research In Motion (RIM) launched the new BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone, an evolution of the Curve 83xx and Curve 8900 families of BlackBerry devices. Though the new Curve's really nothing groundbreaking--it's basically a combination of the two earlier Curves--the device features one brand new BlackBerry component that could prove to be quite significant: the trackpad. But why would RIM ditch its traditional track ball now and release the trackpad on its cheapest, lowest-end BlackBerry ever? Keep moving for an official answer from RIM, as well as my own "unofficial" opinion.

    Written by Al Sacco06 Aug. 09 04:50
  • Palm Pre how-to: wipe handheld clean, restore settings

    Perhaps you found a manufacturers' defect in your Palm Pre handheld and need to swap it out for another? Maybe you decided to trade the Pre with a friend of colleague for a new iPhone 3GS or a BlackBerry Curve 8900? Or possibly you found that the Pre's just not for you, and you're returning it.

    Written by Al Sacco25 June 09 03:50