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  • RIM Wants You to Make eBay for BlackBerry the Best

    Research In Motion (RIM) this morning listed an early version of its new eBay for BlackBerry e-commerce application for download on its BlackBerry App World software store. The free, beta application lets BlackBerry users with eBay accounts search for items of interest, buy products--via PayPal--and check on account activity, all from their BlackBerry smartphones.

    Written by Al Sacco01 Nov. 09 05:45
  • How one BlackBerry addict lost 50 Lbs. in six months

    Struggling to work off that spare tire around your waist? Maybe you're still trying to squeeze into that itty-bitty, polka-dotted swimsuit from last year? Your BlackBerry smartphone might not seem like the most obvious tool in the war on unwanted weight, but thanks to a new mobile application you can now carry your very own "24/7 weight-loss coach" in a pants pocket.

    Written by Al Sacco22 Aug. 09 04:32
  • BlackBerry App World Offers Software Update Notifications

    Last week, Research In Motion released an update to its BlackBerry App World mobile software store, v1.1. With the new App World release, RIM announced a variety of details about the app store's new features and enhancements. But one valuable tidbit seems to have been overlooked: BlackBerry App World v1.1 sends users notifications via BlackBerry message, App World itself and a home screen icon whenever updated version of applications obtained through App World become available.

    Written by Al Sacco07 Aug. 09 04:47
  • BlackBerry App World: 9 Must-Do Fixes

    2009 is the Year of the Mobile App Store. Apple started the movement with the launch of its hugely successful iTunes App Store for the iPhone in 2008, then all the handset heavies followed suit. Today, Nokia operates the Ovi Store; Microsoft's got the upcoming Windows Marketplace for Mobile; Google runs Android Marketplace; and Research In Motion (RIM) runs BlackBerry App World.

    Written by Al Sacco02 July 09 07:18