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  • Digital surveillance programs in other countries trigger controversy

    Last week's disclosure of massive data collection efforts at the U.S. National Security Agency has generated heated debate in the U.S. and across the world about privacy. The NSA is collecting metadata on U.S. residents' phone calls made on Verizon's network and Internet records from nine Web companies, including Facebook, Google and Microsoft, according to reports in the Guardian and The Washington Post newspapers. But intelligence agencies in other countries have similar goals, according to reports, and in some cases there are few details about what data these governments are collecting.

    Written by IDG News Service staff14 June 13 21:08
  • Dutch government seeks to let law enforcement hack foreign computers

    The Dutch government wants to give law enforcement authorities the power to hack into computers, including those located in other countries, for the purpose of discovering and gathering evidence during cybercrime investigations.

    Written by Lucian Constantin19 Oct. 12 17:00