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  • Interview: Daniel Alexiuc, The Living Room of Satoshi

    David Gee talks to The Living Room of Satoshi’s founder, Daniel Alexiuc, about the digital currency landscape, why regulators are having trouble with Bitcoin, and impediments to its uptake in the future.

    Written by David Gee09 April 15 13:10
  • Webjet Exclusives trials Bitcoin payments

    Webjet today began trialling Bitcoin payments for its 'Webjet Exclusives' arm, which offers deals the travel agency has directly negotiated with suppliers. Webjet is the first online travel agency in Australia to embrace the digital currency.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett04 Feb. 15 12:37
  • Where are mobile payments heading in 2015?

    It looks like an exciting year ahead for the mobile payments space, as analysts predict Apple Pay to be the leader in mobile wallets, banks to give up some control to gain influence in the market, and more people using the Bitcoin blockchain concept to develop new financial products.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett02 Dec. 14 11:40
  • CoinJar relocates offshore to avoid GST burden

    Melbourne-based Bitcoin exchange CoinJar is moving its headquarters to London in the UK where it says it can do business in a less burdensome regulatory environment.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett01 Dec. 14 17:00
  • Coinbase expands Bitcoin services in Europe

    Coinbase, one of the more prominent exchanges for buying and selling bitcoins, is opening up wider access to the digital currency in Europe.

    Written by Zach Miners11 Sept. 14 10:44
  • Vend point of sale system adds Bitcoin support

    Online point of sale provider Vend has partnered with DC POS (Digital Currency Point of Sale) to allow retailers to transact with bitcoins.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett10 Sept. 14 17:00
  • ATO’s Bitcoin 'double tax' could drive business offshore

    Bitcoin advocates have spoken out against a ruling by Australian Tax Office that may force businesses to pay double the amount of GST for sales of products and services using Australian Bitcoin exchanges.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett21 Aug. 14 13:57
  • Bitcoin and the obscurity of the blockchain

    Tracking Bitcoin transactions and identifying people on the blockchain is no easy task, leaving law enforcement agencies worried about criminals using it to do their dodgy business in private.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett31 July 14 14:38
  • Bitcoin: Addressing concerns over a 51% attack

    Although a mining pool last month managed to briefly control the majority of the computing power used to generate the Bitcoin crypto-currency, a so-called '51 per cent attack' remains unlikely.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett25 July 14 09:00
  • Is Bitcoin safe?

    Many people are questioning if Bitcon is safe. And it's no wonder given the horrors stories such as Tokyo-based Bitcon exchange Mt. Gox, which filed for bankruptcy protection in March after losing around $474 million worth of bitcoins.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett04 July 14 14:25
  • Aussie bitcoin exchange secures US funding

    Australian bitcoin exchange,, has secured funding from US-based startup investor and founder of Tremor Video, Jesse Chenard.

    Written by Byron Connolly23 June 14 10:44