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  • Nissan charges after Tesla with home battery system

    Nissan and power management company Eaton Electrical have joined forces to create new residential energy storage unit designed to rival Tesla's Powerwall home battery as the most affordable on the market.

    Written by Lucas Mearian12 May 16 04:05
  • Apple's iOS 5 update: No battery drain fix?

    Some iPhone 4S users are still complaining about rapid battery drain following Apple's iOS 5.0.1 system update that began rolling out to users Thursday.  IOS 5.0.1 was supposed to fix several bugs that caused some iPhone 4S and older iPhone devices to rapidly discharge their batteries. The update also brings more multitouch gestures to the original iPad, several bug fixes for iCloud, and improved Siri voice recognition capability for Australian accents.

    Written by Ian Paul12 Nov. 11 03:49
  • Apple's iPhone 4S battery troubles now joined by new problems

    Apple says it's still investigating battery drain issues with the iPhone 4S after some users complained that the iOS 5.0.1 update didn't solve their problems. But now Apple is facing new gripes that the iOS 5.0.1 update is causing more problems with the iPhone 4S including; microphone failures, Wi-Fi signal loss, and cellular network reception issues, according to reports.

    Written by Jared Newman12 Nov. 11 07:45
  • Smart micro-grid to debut in regional NSW

    Houses in the Newcastle and Scone regions of NSW have been selected to trial battery-powered “micro-grid” which can increase energy efficiency and reduce the impact of outages.

    Written by Rodney Gedda31 March 11 10:31
  • Nanotech Creates Batteries Out of Paper

    Researchers at Stanford University have used nanotechnology to create lightweight, bendable batteries out of paper.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin21 Dec. 09 22:13