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  • maintainers to reset user passwords, change SSL certificate

    The PHP Group will reset the passwords for accounts on, the official website of the PHP programming language, and will change the site's SSL certificate after attackers compromised two servers and injected malicious code into the website.

    Written by Lucian Constantin25 Oct. 13 16:05
  • compromised and used to attack visitors

    Visitors to the official website for the PHP programming language over the past couple of days might have had their computers infected with malware.

    Written by Lucian Constantin25 Oct. 13 00:07
  • Barracuda swims with other big fish in ADC market

    Barracuda Networks dove into the application delivery controller market Tuesday, announcing both physical and virtual editions of a new ADC platform designed to blend the company's existing load balancing and security offerings with optimization capability.

    Written by Jon Gold23 April 13 22:13
  • Barracuda Networks takes further steps to close backdoor access to its network gear

    Barracuda Networks released a new update on Monday to further mitigate a security issue that could have allowed attackers to gain unauthorized access to some of its network security appliances through backdoor accounts originally intended for remote support. The company apologized to customers for its design decisions that led to this situation and promised to look into additional ways to strengthen the remote support functionality.

    Written by Lucian Constantin06 Feb. 13 21:34
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  • Top 12 IT Security Stories of 2012

    The holidays are nearly here and 2012 is on the way out. It's time to reflect on some of the most popular security stories and tips of the year as we prepare for 2013.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud20 Dec. 12 17:20