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  • Aussie banks give ground in Apple Pay stoush

    The Aussie banks butting heads with Apple over its Apple Pay platform have narrowed their request for authorisation to collectively negotiate with the tech giant.

    Written by Hafizah Osman13 Feb. 17 11:34
  • Suncorp backs NFC payments, Apple Pay

    Suncorp Bank has revealed it will soon support contactless mobile payments on Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

    Written by Adam Bender15 Dec. 14 09:56
  • Where are mobile payments heading in 2015?

    It looks like an exciting year ahead for the mobile payments space, as analysts predict Apple Pay to be the leader in mobile wallets, banks to give up some control to gain influence in the market, and more people using the Bitcoin blockchain concept to develop new financial products.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett02 Dec. 14 11:40
  • St George CIO banks on ‘mobile only’

    St George Bank, viewed as the 'innovation hub' of Westpac, has adopted a 'mobile only' strategy, according to CIO Dhiren Kulkarni.

    Written by Adam Bender02 Dec. 14 09:00
  • Teachers Mutual Bank finds value in mobility

    Teachers Mutual Bank is increasingly embracing mobility to establish stronger and more personal relationship with its customers, says CIO, Dave Chapman.

    Written by Hamish Barwick17 Oct. 14 12:41
  • Contactless payments to replace PIN cards by 2020

    Day-to-day transactions will mostly be done using contactless payment technologies by 2020, replacing credit or debit cards that require a PIN, market research firm IBISWorld has predicted.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett20 Aug. 14 13:33
  • Bendigo Bank says it beats PayPal on trust

    Banks can win against the fast-growing PayPal because they are more trusted by customers, according to Bendigo and Adelaide Bank managing director, Mike Hirst.

    Written by Adam Bender11 Aug. 14 11:58
  • Cybercrime wave whacks European banks

    Banks across Europe are now coping with a wave of cybercrime in which crooks are transferring funds out of customer accounts through a scam involving bypassing some two-factor authentication systems to steal large sums, according to a security firm assisting in the investigation.

    Written by Ellen Messmer23 July 14 00:34
  • More could follow Westpac dropping BlackBerry: analyst

    Westpac’s move to supporting Android and Windows Phone devices “is another nail in the BlackBerry coffin,” according to independent telecom analyst Chris Coughlan.

    Written by Adam Bender27 June 14 12:00
  • Biometrics eyed for secure future payments

    Biometrics look like the future of authentication for payments, according to payment experts at the Biometrics Institute Asia Pacific Conference in Sydney.

    Written by Adam Bender28 May 14 15:35