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  • BOQ signs new five-year deal with HP

    Bank of Queensland (BOQ) has signed a new five-year IT services contract with long standing supplier HP, which will underpin the organisation's strategic transformation plan.

    Written by Byron Connolly09 Oct. 14 13:43
  • Why digital natives are changing the face of customer delivery

    Organisations looking to successfully deal with the next generation of digital-first customers must quickly embrace new technologies and be willing to innovate products and services in an agile fashion if they’re to retain competitive advantage.

    Written by Nadia Cameron13 Sept. 13 12:04
  • Bank of Queensland to use social media, overhaul IT

    The Bank of Queensland seeks to use social media and other forms of online engagement to serve customers across more channels, according to the bank’s CEO, Stuart Grimshaw.

    Written by Adam Bender13 Dec. 12 11:43
  • ANZ, NAB pass on cash rate cut

    ANZ (ASX:ANZ) and NAB (ASX:NAB) have followed the other Big Four in applying the RBA's rate cut to their mortgages, but NAB will not pass on the full 0.25%

    Written by Dylan Bushell-Embling02 Nov. 11 18:07
  • Moody's puts Bank Of Queensland on review

    Bank of Queensland (ASX:BOQ) is confident its upcoming performance will convince Moody's to maintain the A2 credit rating which has just been placed under review

    Written by Dylan Bushell-Embling20 Oct. 11 19:09