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  • Curtin Uni IT team pulls itself together

    Last year, Western Australia's largest university identified a shadow IT problem caused by a lack of trust between the IT department and business units. Richard Addiscott director of IT planning, governance and security explains how he filled the 'trust chasm'.

    Written by George Nott05 Sept. 16 14:23
  • ​The 6 ‘usual suspects’ of cybercrime

    IT security firm, BAE Systems, has profiled six types of cybercriminals that it says represent the biggest threats to Australian organisations in the lead up to the government’s cyber security review.

    Written by Byron Connolly14 April 16 16:24
  • Trusted Computing Group eyes cloud security framework

    The Trusted Computing Group Monday announced a working group aimed at publishing an open standards framework for cloud computing security that could serve as a blueprint for service providers, their customers and vendors building security products.

    Written by Ellen Messmer14 Sept. 10 00:32