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  • Antivirus products riddled with security flaws, researcher says

    It's generally accepted that antivirus programs provide a necessary protection layer, but organizations should audit such products before deploying them on their systems because many of them contain serious vulnerabilities, a researcher warned.

    Written by Lucian Constantin31 July 14 02:38
  • Network Solutions investigating DNS hijack

    Network Solutions is investigating an attack by a pro-Palestinian hacking group that redirected websites belonging to several companies.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk09 Oct. 13 01:04
  • Twitter `stalker’ scam reaches Australian users

    A scam called Who Viewed Your Profile has reached Australian Twitter users as unsuspecting victims clicked on a convincing looking third-party application.

    Written by Hamish Barwick07 March 11 16:00
  • AVG bets on Android, but competitors loom

    AVG says up to 50,000 Android users a day are downloading its free security application, as the smartphone OS gains popularity.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk16 Feb. 11 04:08
  • AVG antivirus users in reboot chaos after bad update

    Antivirus company AVG has had to issue roll-back instructions to users of the free edition of its AVG 2011 program after 64-bit versions of Windows fail to reboot correctly after a mandatory update.

    Written by John E Dunn04 Dec. 10 01:45
  • AVG Internet Security 2011

    AVG Internet Security 2011, which shipped on Tuesday, offers the full complement of tools you'd expect in an all-in-one security suite, packaged in a simple-to-use interface and offering integration with popular browsers and Outlook. But the software is marred by annoying attempts to upsell you to other products, and a scanning engine that may slow down your system.

    Written by Preston Gralla14 Oct. 10 03:38
  • AVG Launches New Security Tools for SMBs

    AVG may not have the brand recognition of McAfee or Symantec, but with two decades of experience and over 110 million customers it's no slouch in security either.

    Written by Tony Bradley13 Oct. 10 06:05
  • AVG uncovers new data-stealing Mumba botnet

    Researchers at AVG have uncovered a botnet that has been harvesting personal information and uses the latest version of the Zeus code, underscoring the widespread use of the sophisticated malware.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk03 Aug. 10 00:32
  • US Treasury Web sites hacked, serving malware

    Three Web sites belonging to the US Department of the Treasury have been hacked to attack visitors with malicious software, security vendor AVG says.

    Written by Robert McMillan04 May 10 20:03
  • Security companies warn of uptick in new IE attack

    Criminals are stepping up their attacks leveraging an unpatched flaw in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser, using it to install fake antivirus products and malicious back doors on victim's computers.

    Written by Robert McMillan25 March 10 07:49
  • Facebook worm spreads with a lurid lure

    Some Facebook users have been infected with a worm after clicking on an image of a scantily clad woman, which then redirects the victims to a pornography site, according to security researchers.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk25 Nov. 09 08:24