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  • 8 questions to ask prospective Cloud vendors

    When you're on an airliner and fly through layers of clouds, you see first-hand that they come in many forms - sometimes hazy, sometimes translucent and sometimes so dense that you can't see through them. In many ways, Cloud computing is similar - there are lots of grey areas, and it's hard to know exactly what you might get from each Cloud offering.

    Written by Todd R. Weiss23 June 11 08:56
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  • Best Practices For IT Availability

    Forrester often gets inquiries such as, "What requirements should we keep in mind while developing our disaster recovery plans and documents?" and, "Which strategies work best for managing our disaster recovery program once it's in place?"

    Written by Stephanie Balaouras17 Dec. 09 04:40
  • Cloud SLA: Another Point of View

    You've probably seen a hundred-or even a thousand-articles criticizing cloud computing Service Level Agreements (SLAs). A common example in those articles is the putatively low Amazon Web Services SLA. Typically authors of these kind of articles go on to cite recent outages by cloud providers, implying (or stating directly) that cloud computing falls woefully short of the true SLA requirements of enterprises, often described as "five nines," i.e., 99.999 per cent availability.

    Written by Bernard Golden17 Nov. 09 08:27

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