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  • Fewer women than men fear losing job to machine

    The majority of employed women have little concern about the possibility of losing their job to a machine or computer, according to a University of Sydney study.

    Written by George Nott08 March 18 08:00
  • Are you a middle manager? AI may take your job

    Automation and artificial intelligence technologies may be taking many ‘blue collar’ jobs globally but it seems middle managers also have an uncertain future, according to a new study.

    Written by Byron Connolly23 Jan. 18 11:25
  • Automation can buy or eat your lunch

    IT automation is a threat and an opportunity. On one hand, it slashes the cost of certain business processes. On the other, it threatens jobs. Automation will buy or eat your lunch.

    Written by David Gee17 Jan. 18 09:25
  • In pictures: Is automation the future of cyber security?

    IT chiefs gathered at Sydney's Rockpool restaurant to discuss how they are automating cyber security management tasks across their organisations. The luncheon was sponsored by Juniper and ICT Networks.

    Written by Byron Connolly22 Sept. 17 09:19
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  • Where are smart machines heading in 2015?

    Job losses will be on the cards for information workers next year, while more countries will trial driverless cars and drones for delivering goods, analysts predict.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett17 Dec. 14 15:52

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