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  • The 7 Best Podcasts for Business Users

    Last week you learned how to avoid gridlock during your daily commute. Of course, you can't avoid that commute altogether, which is why it's smart to make the most of time you have to spend in the car (or, for that matter, on bus, plane, train, etc.).

    Written by Rick Broida11 May 12 15:12
  • Microsoft officially kills Zune

    It's finally official: Microsoft will no longer be producing Zune HD music and video players.

    Written by Sarah Jacobsson Purewal05 Oct. 11 00:33
  • Apple's iPod killed Microsoft's Zune

    Microsoft has nixed any future iterations of its Zune music and video player, according to a Bloomberg report, adding another name on the list of devices killed by Apple's iPod hardware and entertainment ecosystem. Microsoft has yet to make the death of its Zune official, but unofficially it's believed the decision is based on poor demand for its players since the Zune line was introduced almost five years ago.

    Written by Daniel Ionescu16 March 11 00:22
  • New Dolby System Looks to Improve Laptop Sound

    Dolby's new PC Entertainment Experience 4, or PPEv4, pushes the capacity of one of the weakest sound players on the planet: the laptop. Built into the new line of Acer Aspire Ethos computers, PPEv4 sounded great and didn’t disappoint at CES this week.

    Written by Damon Brown08 Jan. 11 13:27
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  • Open source identity: PulseAudio creator Lennart Poettering

    He likes photography and skiing, but the primary concern of Lennart Poettering is advancing the Linux audio experience with PulseAudio, an open source sound server. With this the Linux audio experience will be more context-aware. For example, if a video is running in one application the system should automatically reduce the volume of everything else and increase it when the video is finished. We catch up with Lennart immediately after this year’s Linux Plumbers Conference to find out the latest PulseAudio developments.

    Written by Rodney Gedda08 Oct. 09 15:33