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  • iPhone 7 rumour rollup: Heavy metal! Fingerprints! A kinda-sorta-maybe release date!

    Would you believe there are people so interested in Apple and all of its works that they want to know what's going on with the next generation of the iPhone <em>before it even comes out</em>? My editors assure me that this is the case. So, despite the obvious lunacy of the idea I mean, surely it's enough to know that there will probably be another one coming out at some point, right? I am stepping in to provide you with the latest scuttlebutt on what may or may not be the iPhone 7.

    Written by Jon Gold22 June 15 08:13
  • China considering space-based solar power station

    Chinese scientists are considering how they can build and put into orbit a massive space station that would supply a constant stream of solar energy to Earth.

    Written by Lucas Mearian31 March 15 05:19