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  • Skype's asterisk move begins its closed future

    When Microsoft announced its purchase of Skype earlier this month, it took great pains to affirm its commitment to continuing support for the technology on platforms other than Windows.

    Written by Katherine Noyes26 May 11 03:26
  • Skype kills integration with open source PBX Asterisk

    Skype has decided not to renew an agreement that allows open-source telephony system Asterisk to be integrated with the service using software developed with Digium.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs25 May 11 23:24
  • Open source IP PBX saves serious cash for Michigan CAT

    In a move that might send shivers down the spines of mainstream IP PBX vendors like Avaya, Cisco and ShoreTel, Michigan CAT has deployed an open source Asterisk IP PBX to handle its phone calls and contact centre at half the cost of what commercial vendors would have charged.

    Written by Tim Greene02 Dec. 10 23:59
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  • 6 Reasons to Pay for Open Source Software

    Open source software is free to download, modify and use, but that doesn't mean it's not worth paying for sometimes. If you're using open source software in a commercial, enterprise capacity, here are six reasons why you should pay for free software.

    Written by Paul Rubens13 Feb. 13 22:00
  • Mark Spencer talks 10 years of Asterisk

    Mark Spencer, founder of Asterix, looks back on 10 years of the open source PBX and discusses its future -- and that of the VoIP industry in general.

    Written by Rodney Gedda15 Oct. 09 06:16