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  • Fancy a game against Rafael NadAI or Robot Federer?

    ​Queensland University of Technology (QUT) researchers have developed a machine learning system that can predict where three top male tennis players will hit the next ball at any point in a match.

    Written by George Nott22 Jan. 19 15:29
  • Knosys CTO reveals tech trends of 2019

    Knosys CTO, Nic Passmore, the self-proclaimed ‘antichrist of AI’, advises Australian businesses in 2019 to consider the cost-benefits of “shiny, new technologies” like AI and instead bolster existing systems first in order to drive technology transformation forward.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien22 Nov. 18 15:56
  • Voice analysis to aid in fight against suicide and depression

    UNSW associate professor Julien Epps is confident and hopeful the power of vocal analysis technology using machine learning will help in the detection and prevention of suicide and depression.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien11 Oct. 18 12:29

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  • Lenovo ebook: AI reshaping the Enterprise

    AI’s time has come. A perfect storm of enterprise interest, data growth, and access to greater compute power, is driving its growth. In this book, we uncover how AI helps specific industries, how the evolution of AI and big data benefits from HPC, and how to select the right AI partner.