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  • Arista has a controller now too

    <a href="">Arista Networks</a> this week unveiled what essentially is a centralized controller for its data center and cloud switches.

    Written by Jim Duffy24 June 15 00:24
  • Facebook Open Compute Project picks switch specs

    The Open Compute Project this week announced that it is considering four contributions for development of an open, operating system-agnostic data center switch it announced six months ago.

    Written by Jim Duffy12 Nov. 13 19:13
  • Opscode adds networking to Chef management capabilities

    Opscode has teamed up with Cisco Systems and Arista Networks to add networking features and has expanded its collaboration with Microsoft to broaden Windows integration for its renamed Enterprise Chef platform.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs19 Aug. 13 16:46
  • The cloud's the limit for new Arista, Brocade and HP switches

    Cloud scaling will be all the switching rage at this week’s Interop. Three major vendors last week took their platforms deeper into and then beyond the data center, outdueling each other on server access density and software programmability, two key attributes needed for the virtualized goldmine called the cloud. And in so doing, they have raised the bar and perhaps set the stage for one of the more anticipated announcements in SDN switching from Cisco spin-in Insieme.

    Written by Jim Duffy06 May 13 11:14
  • More SDN-friendly Arista switches could boost cloud services

    Arista Networks this week unveiled software-defined networking (SDN) extensions to its data center switch operating system that tie the company's products into cloud orchestration and flow management systems.

    Written by Jim Duffy29 March 13 20:23
  • How Arista Networks got out in front of the SDN craze

    n this installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series, Arista Networks CEO Jayshree Ullal spoke with Chief Content Officer John Gallant about the reality and hype around SDN, and why the data center requires a different network than your father's general-purpose Cisco net. She also explored how her work at Cisco shaped Arista's strategy, and shared insights on how Arista's partnerships with VMware and Cloudera are making it easier to move to cloud and embrace big data, respectively.

    Written by John Gallant22 Feb. 13 19:41
  • Arista aims at Cisco NAM with TAP app

    Data center switch vendor Arista Networks this week unveiled software designed to analyze data in software defined networks.

    Written by Jim Duffy13 Feb. 13 14:20
  • Arista again looks to buck Cisco, others in data center

    Arista Networks this week has rolled out four switches and enhanced software designed to address the scalability, resilience and density requirements of <a href="">cloud computing</a>.

    Written by Jim Duffy16 Nov. 11 01:48