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  • An IT department's crucial role in a new product launch

    In late 2008, Monsanto licensed a seed coating that helps corn, soybean and other seeds fight insects and disease during the tricky germination stage. By early 2009, company scientists had finished work on that cocktail of fungicides and insecticides, dubbed Acceleron, and the company wanted to get the coating to market in time for the 2010 planting season. "We were going after that opportunity very aggressively. If we don't hit season, that opportunity is another 12 months away," says CIO Shirley Cunningham.

    Written by Kim S. Nash22 July 10 07:01
  • SAP-Sybase: What to expect in the first 90 days

    Now that SAP's roughly $US6 billion acquisition of Sybase has gained clearance from European regulators, it may not be long before the deal is finalised. With that in mind, users and partners of the companies have much to consider during the next few months, analysts say.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus23 July 10 05:51
  • Inside the CIO's 'Big Four' Application Priorities

    Every company or organization has a wide range of software in its application portfolios-some enterprises, of course, carry a little more software bloat than others.

    Written by Thomas Wailgum29 March 10 10:16
  • A Big Year for 'Socialytic' Applications?

    What's next for business applications in 2010? IDC Predictions 2010, a new report by IDC's Chief Analyst Frank Gens, is saying this is the year for "socialytic" apps, a "new mashed-up generation of business applications that leverage social and collaborative networks and derive insights from them." (IDC is a sister company of CIO publisher IDG.)

    Written by Simone Levien29 Jan. 10 08:54
  • Insuring Incentives

    "Companies that outperform their rivals are the ones which find the circumstances they want, and if they don't, strive to create them." Sitting in his sixth floor office, Ravishankar Subramanian, director IT and corporate services of the US$234 million ING Vysya Life Insurance, recalled the words of his superior at a previous organization. It made a lot more sense now.

    Written by Sneha Jha20 Oct. 08 13:40