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  • Mobile Emergency Response App Keeps College Ready for Crisis

    A mobile app for smartphones and tablets delivers step-by-step procedures for responding to incidents from hurricanes to on-campus shooters, serving as Cliffs Notes for Miami-Dade College faculty and staff facing crisis situations.

    Written by Stephanie Overby28 Feb. 14 14:36
  • 6 Mobile Marketing Trends to Leverage in 2014

    What will be the best ways to reach mobile shoppers in the new year? Mobile marketing experts reveal which new mobile marketing apps and strategies can help you reach customers on the go.

    Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff30 Dec. 13 18:04
  • 6 Meeting Avatars and Apps That Will Simplify Your Day

    Does the technology that's supposed to make your life easier only make things more complicated? You're not alone. These six apps will juggle your schedule, check the weather and remember that it's your wife's birthday.

    Written by John Brandon26 Aug. 13 13:18
  • Are Windows 8 tablets racing to enterprise success?

    Enterprise developers are seeing demand for Windows 8 line of business apps on mobile devices. However, the applications--while impressive--are speeding along mostly in vertical markets for very specific needs.

    Written by Paul Rubens25 Feb. 13 14:55