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  • New Year's resolutions 2012

    Last month I made some predictions for the Top 10 trends that will affect your work life in 2012. Now that the New Year's celebrations are behind us, it's a good time to reflect on what your Top 10 New Year's resolutions might be (beyond losing 10 pounds or learning to hang glide). My humble suggestions for you are:

    Written by Michael Friedenberg16 Dec. 11 11:56
  • How cloud computing rose from Lehman Brothers' ashes

    James Johnson, an IT veteran with 25 years' experience running Wall Street technology operations, walked into Lehman Brothers' packing-box-strewn office high in the Time-Life building in Rockefeller Center. It was November 2008. Johnson had just been named Lehman's CTO and had been given the job of operating the IT infrastructure needed to wind down the firm.

    Written by Bill Bulkeley11 April 11 23:31
  • IT spending: CIOs explain their budget increases

    I have had fun the past few months traveling the country and sharing my "2011: A Return to a Growth Agenda" stump speech with CIOs and senior IT executives. I've also had the opportunity to talk with many of you in preparation for appearances on CNBC's "Squawk on the Street." You've had some interesting things to say about budgetary issues that I'd like to share as many of you are finalizing your 2011 budgets.

    Written by Gary Beach30 Sept. 10 07:32