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  • Inside the Shadowy World of Data Brokers

    Data brokers operate in the shadows of the Internet. Most consumers are unaware or unsure how to put restrictions of their activity. In fact, one U.S. senator called these companies and their practices 'the dark underside of American life.'

    Written by Matt Kapko27 March 14 14:06
  • Healthcare Industry Sees Big Data As More Than a Bandage

    The promise of big data in healthcare--increased efficiencies, better outcomes, more personalized care--is undeniable. How the industry reaches the promise land will happen in many stages, but hospitals and insurers aren't wasting any time getting started.

    Written by Allen Bernard05 Aug. 13 14:47
  • Cloud EHR Lessons Learned in Haiti

    Strip away preconceptions about why technology doesn't or shouldn't work and people are likely to embrace the change that tech brings. That's what electronic health record and practice management software vendor athenahealth learned when it helped a hospital in Haiti implement a cloud-based EHR system.

    Written by Brian Eastwood29 July 13 13:39
  • EMC 'Bringing the Sexy Back' to Data

    When it comes to backup and recovery, IT is struggling to meet business demand within most enterprises--and the problem stands to get only worse. EMC believes the answer is a more open and agile protection storage architecture.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud10 July 13 19:34
  • The Dangers of Disconnected Data

    CIOs in the food and pharma industries confront unique challenges in untangling complex supply chains to ensure product safety and availability.

    Written by Maryfran Johnson26 June 13 22:58
  • EMC Shows the Power of Big Data Analytics

    Your company is doomed to fail if 'the biggest jerk at the table' makes all the decisions in spite of comprehensive data analysis. EMC and its customers are taking analytics seriously, columnist Rob Enderle says. You should, too. It's a lesson Mitt Romney learned the hard way.

    Written by Rob Enderle16 Nov. 12 14:01
  • How Big Data Will Separate Haves From Have-Nots

    Walt Hauck, the straight-talking CIO of Dun & Bradstreet, says big data represents a corporate turning point this decade no less disruptive and revolutionary than the Internet in the 1990s. Find out why Hauck thinks the big data 'haves' will thrive while the 'have-nots' struggle.

    Written by Allen Bernard06 Nov. 12 13:58
  • Big Data Leading to New Breed of Service Provider

    Big data is giving rise to a new breed of services aimed at helping over-burdened IT departments take on the challenges of data analytics without investing in additional infrastructure. And vendors of all sizes are getting in on the action.

    Written by Allen Bernard31 Oct. 12 14:24
  • Can the Government Handle Big Data Analytics?

    You name it, the government has a pile of data about it: genomics, energy use, the weather and more. Various open data and big data initiatives at the federal government aim to make this information available to anyone who wants it. Can the inherent complexity of big data analytics and the promise of open government coexist?

    Written by Jason Bloomberg22 Oct. 12 14:53
  • CIO letter: Top 10 tech predictions for 2012

    As we end a transformational year in enterprise tech, you may wonder: What next? I think these 10 trends will reshape business and the CIO role:

    Written by Michael Friedenberg01 Dec. 11 05:02
  • At Houston Bank, Disaster Recovery Goes Virtual

    The Project: Implement a hypervisor-based replication system to provide more streamlined business continuity and disaster recovery for Woodforest National Bank's virtualized data center.

    Written by Stephanie Overby01 Nov. 11 08:57
  • Beyond the Hype of Big Data

    Forrester estimates that, in general, firms use less than 5 percent of the data available to them. We also estimate that data is growing about 40-50 percent annually, but the average enterprise only captures around 25-30 percent of that. This means there is a bunch of data not being captured and used by your firm, and the divide is going to grow over time. So what?

    Written by Brian Hopkins01 Nov. 11 08:52
  • Getting a master data management master plan

    Scenario A large financial services company is having fundamental problems with its data management and governance. Business leaders want to better leverage data for both operational and analytical needs, so there is widespread support for finally treating it as a true corporate asset. Consolidating data sets is now high on everyone's priority list. Both the CIO and CTO believe they need to adopt master data management (MDM) in some key areas but recognize that it's more critical to establish an overall data strategy. What's the most effective way for these IT leaders to move this forward?

    Written by Paul Bergamo and Jesus Arriaga18 Dec. 10 05:57
  • Two ways to build a better IT strategy

    Scenario: After driving great improvements in IT efficiency, a Fortune 500 company is now ready to treat data as a true corporate asset and grow beyond its tactical approach to technology planning. The CIO needs to develop strong data governance and data-management capabilities, and, most importantly, a long-term technology strategy. Yet she doesn't have the skilled staff for this kind of work. What's the best way to accomplish this part of the plan?

    Written by CIO Staff30 Sept. 10 07:26