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  • Is Your CRM system meeting the needs of your enterprise?

    In the past, CRM served a simple purpose inside your enterprise: It kept track of your customers, their addresses and their orders. Now, though, there's far more that comes under the CRM umbrella, from connecting with your customers through social media to being able to instantly transmit customer data to a call center agent when customers call in for help.

    Written by Todd R. Weiss30 June 11 08:23
  • Implementing territories in CRM systems

    As I've written before, CRM systems are the most political of all enterprise software. This is because the sales and marketing users are inherently competitive and driven by incentives that make them even more so. In the drive for this quarter's compensation and eventual promotion, sales guys will fight for lower quotas and better territories, sometimes trying to grab deals from an inattentive colleague or channel partner. Whether in large organizations or small, this may be baked in as part of the sales culture.

    Written by David Taber24 June 11 05:44
  • CRM on a smartphone

    On busy weekends in Las Vegas, getting a drink at many bars and nightclubs can be a full-contact sport. First you muscle your way through a crowd to get near the bar. Then you shout your order and hope the bartender hears it right.

    Written by Matt Villano29 April 11 07:14
  • Integrating social media is hard to do

    Consumers check in on Foursquare. Your employees chat with customers on Facebook. Everyone tweets. Social media is everywhere, right? Not quite.

    Written by Kim S. Nash29 March 11 06:11
  • CRM: Avoid three user identity mistakes

    Most of the advice in this column has been about customer data: leads, contacts, accounts, and transactions. Too often ignored is the CRM data that's about your users: employees who log in and manipulate data every day.

    Written by David Taber23 March 11 00:49
  • Why CIOs should friend CMOs

    Have you friended your chief marketing officer yet? If you're like most CIOs, I'll bet not. Being Best Friends Forever with the CMO is still a ways off your radar screen.

    Written by Maryfran Johnson24 Nov. 10 10:06
  • Use CRM to crowd-source your product strategy

    Product strategy needs to be a mix of engineering/operations plan and market survey, but most market survey techniques are quite vulnerable to big procedural and statistical problems.

    Written by David Taber09 Nov. 10 04:38
  • How Wi-Fi and wireless data-sharing cures patients' ills

    There are traditional ways to justify a costly IT project-financial return on investment, regulatory compliance, increased productivity. But for Chad A. Eckes, CIO of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), determining the benefit of a technology investment starts with one simple question: Would you want it for your mum?

    Written by Stephanie Overby04 Nov. 10 03:04
  • Stupid data corruption tricks: Take our CRM quiz

    In the spirit of David Letterman's occasional feature "Stupid People Tricks," I thought it was time to summarise common errors that can lead to corrupted CRM records, or worse. How much worse? Read on.

    Written by David Taber03 Nov. 10 01:38
  • How assurant solutions saved customers from call centre hell

    There's no shortage of technology at work when you call a customer service line, including customer relationship management systems and voice-recognition programs. From the second you dial that toll-free number until the moment the agent answers, a slew of tools is whirring in the background to make the interaction as helpful as possible.

    Written by Stephanie Overby29 Oct. 10 06:49
  • CRM: Playing the percentages correctly

    The Opportunities object (OK, table) is where CRM and SFA systems hold the data about prospective deals. And nearly every system uses some sort of stage pick-list that's an indicator of the deal's current status in the sales cycle. Each stage typically has a percentage assigned to it, and a forecast category (such as "pipeline" or "upside") that is used to drive the opportunity pipeline report and bookings forecast. Simple. Rational. Wrong.

    Written by David Taber21 Sept. 10 02:32
  • When Your Customers Vote, Does Your CRM Listen?

    Customers vote every day, implicitly through how they prioritize, how they spend their time, and where they engage in transactions (or not). So instead of asking your customers and prospects for an explicit vote, your CRM system needs to listen much more carefully to discern when they have made a choice, and decode what it means about their level of satisfaction.

    Written by David Taber29 June 10 06:13