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  • In CRM Software, Cost Control Is Impulse Control

    Behavioral economics has proven that we're all pretty bad at making rational decisions. So what are you supposed to do about it? Make the people who want shiny new software pay for it themselves.

    Written by David Taber12 May 14 22:56
  • Why the Last Mile of CRM Implementation Is the Hardest

    In broadband networking, the last-mile problem is getting from the big pipes to the end user at a reasonable cost. The last mile in CRM is getting data from users' favorite application -- email -- into the CRM system without disrupting their beloved workflows.

    Written by David Taber11 Sept. 13 12:33
  • Cloud ERP Helps Company Track Inventory, Increase Sales

    Implementing cloud-based ERP software wasn't exactly a nuts-and-bolts deployment for FMW Fasteners, as the software needed specific fastener manufacturing industry functionality. Experience rolling our cloud CRM helped, as did an experienced consultant. Now FMW's cloud ERP gains are boosting the firm's ecommerce prospects.

    Written by John Moore05 Sept. 13 12:48
  • Text Analytics Can Help Businesses Soothe Upset Callers

    An Ernst & Young report says that text analytics and voice-recognition software can help customer-service reps solve problems instead of trying to cross-sell an unhappy caller.

    Written by Mitch Betts30 July 13 19:57
  • 4 Affordable Small Business CRM Options

    Small businesses don't need expensive customer relationship software to manage customer records and important business data. Here are four inexpensive CRM options that offer the functionality you need and also integrate with the social sites your customers and prospects use.

    Written by Vangie Beal09 May 13 13:27
  • 3 deep, dark secrets of cloud computing

    Everybody uses the cloud. How can there be any secrets? Many companies had to learn these three little lessons the hard way, but there's no reason your business can't learn from those mistakes.

    Written by David Taber13 Feb. 13 11:04
  • Mobile App Helps the Harried Sales Rep

    Siri has a cousin: Sophia is a voice-recognition app that helps on-the-go sales representatives handle recordkeeping chores.

    Written by Lauren Brousell21 Dec. 12 14:40
  • A CIO Learns That Efficiency Isn't Enough

    A banking CIO works with the CMO and discovers that complex financial transactions can be quite emotional for the customer. Good technology can help build trust and improve the customer experience.

    Written by Ron Van Kemenade15 Nov. 12 13:38
  • Social CRM Offers Big Rewards If You're Persistent

    Putting the 'social' in your social CRM strategy means aggregating more information about your customers and prospects. A new generation of tools is being developed to make this happen.

    Written by David Taber13 Nov. 12 14:51
  • Hotel chain sees mobile app turning 'lookers into bookers'

    InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) will, of course, take a room reservation no matter how a customer makes it. But it sees enticing sales potential in moving hotel guests to mobile applications.

    Written by Kim S. Nash03 Nov. 11 05:50
  • How IT Helps Nissan Beat Chevy in the Electric Car Game

    The all-electric Nissan Leaf had the potential to woo eco-conscious shoppers away from the Chevy Volt when it was launched last December. But from a customer service and sales perspective, the Japanese automaker was at a distinct disadvantage. Chevrolet consistently scored four stars on J.D. Power's five-star customer service and sales experience scales; Nissan earned just two.

    Written by Stephanie Overby01 Nov. 11 09:39