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  • Android apps for developers and IT pros, at a glance

    These eight apps allow you to open a shell, run a shell script, tap the Linux command line, or otherwise put your Android-based smartphone to productive use. Most are available in free editions, and none will set you back more than a few dollars.

    Written by Peter Wayner01 Feb. 10 07:52
  • Google to push update for Nexus One soon

    Google hopes to be able to push out a software fix in about a week for a 3G connectivity problem that many Nexus One users have complained about.

    Written by Nancy Gohring27 Jan. 10 05:18
  • ZTE announces Android push, will ship phones in Q1

    Chinese network equipment vendor ZTE has joined the growing number of phone manufacturers using Android. It plans to launch smartphones based on the operating system in the first quarter of this year, it said Thursday.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs14 Jan. 10 07:34
  • Ballmer's 10 years with Microsoft and the Internet

    Ten years ago on Jan. 13, 2000, Microsoft's Bill Gates turned over the CEO reins to Steve Ballmer, who emphasized then that the Internet would be the target for much of the company's new software development efforts.

    Written by John Fontana14 Jan. 10 09:01
  • Blade Runner family sues Google over Nexus One, Android

    The family of Blade Runner author Philip K. Dick is to sue Google for infringement of intellectual property rights over the name of its recently announced Nexus One smartphone.

    Written by Lexton Snol12 Jan. 10 03:34
  • Cerf urges standards for cloud computing

    Vint Cerf, a co-designer of the Internet's TCP/IP protocols and considered a father of the Internet itself, emphasized the need for data portability standards for cloud computing during an appearance on Thursday evening.

    Written by Paul Krill09 Jan. 10 15:34
  • Six reasons to not like Google's Nexus One

    Google's new Nexus One smartphone is not an iPhone killer. It may not even be a Droid killer, but it may be Google's first serious and most public misstep. Basically, the Nexus One is a somewhat faster Droid with a somewhat better screen.

    Written by David Coursey07 Jan. 10 04:34
  • Google Nexus One early termination fee could reach $550

    Buyers beware: people who choose the subsidized new Google Nexus One phone with a T-Mobile contract will get hit with US$550 in early termination fees if they cancel their service in under four months.

    Written by Nancy Gohring07 Jan. 10 06:11
  • Android for business? 5 reasons to think again

    Businesses considering Android as a corporate handset standard should consider the decision carefully, because it may prove hard to justify later on.

    Written by David Coursey22 Dec. 09 04:58
  • Google dashboard shows Android fragmentation

    Google is providing developers with a dashboard that is aimed at helping them decide which versions of the software to support and that shows the fragmentation of the Android platform.

    Written by Nancy Gohring18 Dec. 09 07:15
  • Study: More than 50 Android phones to ship in 2010

    The trickle of Android-based smartphones seen this year is expected to turn into an avalanche in 2010, according to market research company CCS Insight, which forecasts that more than 50 devices will ship next year.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs14 Dec. 09 07:19
  • Taiwanese operator forecasts strong Asian demand for Android

    The popularity of Google's mobile operating system, Android, will continue to grow next year with as many as 30 new handsets from Taiwanese manufacturers, and more app contests by mobile network operators throughout Asia, a mobile network executive said Thursday.

    Written by Dan Nystedt11 Dec. 09 07:01