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  • A new Android banking trojan is also ransomware

    A new kind of Android malware can steal online banking credentials and hold a device's files hostage for ransom, delivering a particularly nasty one-two punch.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk19 Feb. 16 13:41
  • ANZ releases Android mobile payments app

    ANZ bank has launched its mobile payments app, allowing customers with an Android smartphone to make contactless payments.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett10 Feb. 16 15:26
  • ​NAB launches mobile payments service

    NAB is the latest bank to unveil a mobile payments service, launching an offering that allows consumers to use their Android smartphone to make purchases without the need for a physical card.

    Written by Byron Connolly25 Jan. 16 11:15
  • Android malware steals one-time passcodes

    One-time passcodes, a crucial defense for online banking applications, are being intercepted by a malware program for Android, according to new research from Symantec.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk13 Jan. 16 03:48
  • ​ANZ upgrades online banking

    ANZ on Friday announced an upgrade to its Internet banking platform, claiming it’s the first major Australian bank to offer a consistent experience to 2.1 million customers across desktop, tablet, and mobile.

    Written by Byron Connolly27 Nov. 15 12:46
  • Consumers win as Android vendors struggle

    Staff cuts at Lenovo and HTC, a failed patch from Google, and Samsung's latest flagship smartphones all highlight how tricky selling Android smartphones has become.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs15 Aug. 15 02:13
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+: Three hits, three misses

    Samsung Electronics' latest flagship smartphone has some great hardware in a compact chassis for a device with a 5.7-inch screen. But there are some missing features and the price tag is eye watering.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs14 Aug. 15 06:09
  • Samsung bets big on Galaxy Note 5 and S6 edge+

    Samsung Electronics is hosting its second major product launch of the year in New York Thursday, with a lot riding on the expected debut of the large format Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+. Carrying forward designs reminiscent of the existing S6 smartphones, the company is hoping make up for ground it has lost to the iPhone 6 Plus.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs13 Aug. 15 02:14