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  • In pictures: Sony's S1 and S2 Android tablets

    Sony will make its long-awaited entry into the tablet PC market later this year with two models based on the latest version of Google's Android operating system. The tablets, which carry the development names S1 and S2, will be launched worldwide from the fall, Sony said on Tuesday. The company didn't announce pricing details or specific launch dates, but it did offer some basic specifications and demonstrate prototypes of the two machines at a Tokyo news conference.

    Written by TechWorld staff27 April 11 10:50
  • Motorola Xoom review

    The Motorola Xoom tablet ships with version 3.0 of Google's Android operating system (Honeycomb). Honeycomb is the first version of Android that has been designed to run on large-screened tablets instead of smartphones. In Australia, the Xoom will launch on Telstra in May. The telco is yet to reveal pricing details.

    Written by PC World Staff19 April 11 10:12
  • What CIOs need to know about the Dell Streak

    With a plethora of tablet PCs hitting the market this year, CIOs and IT managers may be struggling to work out which device will best suit their needs. With a screen size of five inches, some may call the Dell Streak a small tablet that simultaneously acts as an oversized smartphone. Its compact nature and multi-tasking capability, however, makes for an extremely useful device that while may appear cumbersome at first, soon has you thinking you could never go back to the small screen of a smartphone.

    Written by Lisa Banks02 Feb. 11 10:54
  • NEC to show dual-screen Android tablet at CES

    NEC will show a dual-screen tablet computer based on Google's Android operating system at January's International Consumer Electronics Show.

    Written by Martyn Williams17 Dec. 10 19:37
  • Dell taking another stab at the tablet

    Dell showed off a prototype of a 7-inch Android tablet this week at the Oracle Open World conference in San Francisco. While being more tablet-sized than Dell's initial anemic attempt at joining the tablet fray, this new venture still faces some challenges in order to compete.

    Written by Tony Bradley24 Sept. 10 08:14
  • Sydney hotel puts iPads in restaurant

    Rydges Hotel in North Sydney has rolled out ten iPads in its restaurant for an interactive food ordering system that places orders directly to the kitchen.

    Written by Lisa Banks08 June 10 12:41