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  • Android antivirus products a big flop, researchers say

    Android smartphones and tablets are under attack, and the most popular tools developed to protect them are easily circumvented, according to new research from Northwestern University and the University of North Carolina.

    Written by Bob Brown06 June 13 22:11
  • Researcher uncovers Android SMS phishing vulnerability

    A researcher at North Carolina State University has uncovered a vulnerability that could be exploited to send deceptive text messages from some Android devices, as part of a phishing scheme.

    Written by Jon Gold02 Nov. 12 20:32
  • The 5 worst mobile threats of 2012

    New types of mobile malware make headlines every day, but what are the most prevalent threats out there? The team at Nominum decided to find out by analyzing Domain Name System (DNS) data of approximately half a million users from various countries.

    Written by Craig Sprosts, VP, platform and applications, Nominum01 Nov. 12 22:47
  • Android malware exploding, says Trend Micro

    The amount of mobile Android malware has surged this year, from a count of 30,000 malware specimens in June to almost 175,000 last month, according to Trend Micro's Security Roundup report for the third quarter of this year.

    Written by Ellen Messmer22 Oct. 12 12:43