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  • Kindle first impressions: It's all good

    Well, now we know why Amazon's stock of Kindle 2 e-readers evaporated so quickly. Just hours after I wrote about the devices being out of stock, Amazon announced a new model of its popular e-reader. The device, called simply the Kindle, is available for pre-order now and will ship August 27. While most of us will have to wait a month to get our hands on the new gadget, a few lucky bloggers and technology reporters already got a chance to check it out. So far, they seem to like it...a lot. In fact, in reading many of the reports about the new Kindle, I found it difficult to find anything they didn't like about it.

    Written by Liane Cassavoy30 July 10 07:56
  • Amazon's new Kindle rachets up e-reader price battle's announcement late Wednesday that it will launch a new version of its Kindle e-book reader in August could further stoke a price battle between major players in the e-reader market.

    Written by Martyn Williams29 July 10 23:18
  • Amazon unveils sleek new Kindle

    Amazon took it's time with its latest Kindle-and that time has paid off in spades.

    Written by Melissa J. Perenson29 July 10 12:01
  • Dell Mini 5 to Take on iPad With Amazon, Kindle Integration?

    Dell's upcoming Mini 5, which was first shown publicly at this years CES, will be made available in a range of colors and will also feature integration with a host of Amazon services, according to a recently leaked internal document.

    Written by Chris Brandrick11 March 10 06:40
  • Apple's iPad vs. e-readers

    Apple's iPad is a multi-function device that focuses on multimedia and some productivity apps, but also functions as an e-reader with a new iBook store of EPub format books.

    Written by Matt Hamblen02 Feb. 10 12:13
  • Amazon invites developers to make Kindle software on Thursday announced its first-ever software developer's kit for anyone who wants to create active content for its popular Kindle e-readers.

    Written by Dan Nystedt22 Jan. 10 04:57
  • 2010: Year of the E-reader

    When Amazon released its first-generation Kindle, the company was light years ahead of the market, with virtually no competition for digital readers’ eyeballs. In 2010, though, the e-reader universe is not only set to explode, but it’s also set to fragment. What defines an e-reader? Is it only a device with an electronic paper-like display? Is it a device (tablet or otherwise) that has an LCD screen? Or does software turn any device into an e-Reader?

    Written by Melissa J. Perenson14 Jan. 10 07:59
  • Amazon will sell its Kindle DX reader outside the U.S. is selling its Kindle DX with a 9.7 inch display in over 100 countries outside the U.S. It is available for pre-order starting Wednesday, with actual shipments scheduled for Jan. 19, Amazon said on Wednesday.

    Written by John Ribeiro06 Jan. 10 20:37
  • Amazon: Kindle for BlackBerry app coming soon plans to release a new, free Kindle for BlackBerry mobile application in near future, according to the company's Kindle Web page. The online retailer didn't specify when exactly the app will be released, but its Kindle page currently shows a BlackBerry icon atop the words "coming soon."The news of a Kindle for BlackBerry app is no surprise; rumors regarding a BlackBerry app for Kindle hit the Web months ago, but I hadn't heard or seen anything concrete until I just noticed the listing on Amazon's Kindle page.

    Written by Al Sacco17 Dec. 09 02:23
  • Experts scrutinize 2009’s most notable IT apologies

    We asked Peter Goolpacy and the team at Perfect Apology to rate the quality of the apologies issued by top tech companies and executives this year for their assorted mistakes and misdeeds. The following contains their reviews of the apologies and their ratings of the apologies on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best.

    Written by Bob Brown03 Dec. 09 05:55