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  • How Story Mapping Complements Agile Development

    Story mapping offers a visualization of the steps, or stories, which make up a software development project. This conversation with several experts on the topic discusses how story mapping works, how maps are created and how stakeholders benefit from seeing the lay of the land.

    Written by Matthew Heusser07 April 14 22:56
  • Has Agile Software Development Gone Mainstream?

    Today's software development industry views object-oriented programming as 'just another tool.' Is agile development headed the same way?

    Written by Matthew Heusser12 Aug. 13 18:40
  • Why 'Agile Project Management Controls' Isn't an Oxymoron

    George Carlin made phrases like 'jumbo shrimp' famous. But the need to control agile projects is no joke. Ask the right questions along the way, though, and you'll bring order to a process than can easily turn chaotic.

    Written by David Taber11 April 13 13:09