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  • Olea to change focus to gold exploration

    Former olive and olive oil company Olea (ASX:OLE) has signed deals to acquire gold exploration businesses in Africa, and plans to shift its corporate focus to this sector

    Written by Dylan Bushell-Embling14 April 11 19:04
  • Chinese 'driving ICT agenda' in Africa: Wikileaks

    The latest US cable released by Wikileaks scorns Chinese ICT companies doing business in Kenya as "re-colonising Africa" with "good and cheap" equipment, even if the after-sales service is described as s***.

    Written by Rodney Gedda02 March 11 11:23
  • VCs trickle into Africa, but challenges continue

    Mobile payment gateways, location based data services and integrated multichannel e-commerce solutions are some of the most attractive ventures for venture capitalists in Africa, but challenges still persist.

    Written by Rebecca Wanjiku02 June 10 11:27
  • Tata set to expand presence in Africa

    India's Tata Communications is set to expand in Africa with plans to invest in more companies following the arrival of new submarine cable systems in the region.

    Written by Michael Malakata16 March 10 03:34
  • UN distributing 500,000 computers to poor countries

    Ncomputing on Monday said it will provide virtual desktops for the United Nations as part of a wider UN program to distribute 500,000 workstations to developing nations.

    Written by Agam Shah27 May 09 09:03
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  • Weather stations will use mobile infrastructure

    For most of us, not knowing what the weather is going to do might at worst result in a soggy barbecue or a washed-out cricket or football match. For a farmer in the developing world it could result in the loss of an entire harvest which, at best, makes life that much harder or, at worst, brings on financial ruin or considerable human suffering. If enough farmers over a wide geographical area are affected, widespread famine becomes a very real possibility.

    Written by Ken Banks21 July 09 07:17
  • Africa's Comesa launches controversial customs union

    The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (Comesa) has finally launched its controversial customs union that abolishes 85 percent of the tariffs on ICT and other products manufactured in the region.

    Written by Michael Malakata11 June 09 07:09