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  • Google cleared by High Court in deceptive AdWords case

    The High Court cleared Google on Wednesday of violating fair trade laws by allowing companies to publish advertisements containing their competitors' names, handing a defeat to the country's fair trade regulator.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk06 Feb. 13 10:39
  • Google, MYOB getting Aussie business online for free

    Google and MYOB have teamed up to launch a new service designed to help local businesses get online with a free website, domain name and $75 worth of advertising credits.

    Written by Rodney Gedda01 March 11 11:35
  • Google wins partial victory in legal battle over trademarks

    Google appeared to have won a partial victory in its long-running legal battle with trademark owners Tuesday, when a senior judge at the European Court of Justice said the company hasn't infringed anyone's trademark rights by allowing advertisers to buy search keywords corresponding to those trademarks.

    Written by Paul Meller23 Sept. 09 06:41
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