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  • Early days for 4G in the enterprise

    Australian enterprises are slowly adopting 4G wireless, according to industry analysts. While operators are selling 4G service at the same price as 3G, service coverage and equipment costs constraints remain.

    Written by Adam Bender12 Dec. 12 15:06
  • Google takes Maps indoors, but challenges remain

    Low adoption and insufficient research has slowed the movement of Google Maps indoors, a Google software engineer said today at the Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation conference held at the University of New South Wales in Sydney.

    Written by Adam Bender13 Nov. 12 12:19
  • Australia leading in APAC cloud adoption: F5

    Australia leads other countries in the Asia Pacific on cloud adoption, according to F5 senior director, Mohan Veloo. But most companies are keeping their critical data on premise, he told Computerworld Australia at the F5 Agility Forum on the Sunshine Coast.

    Written by Adam Bender31 Oct. 12 14:30

Whitepapers about adoption

  • The Internet of Things: exploring the possibilities

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept that is completely transforming the way Australian organisations operate. More than ever, companies have the opportunity to make machine-to-machine communication work for them to improve service and deliver competitive advantage. CIO Australia, Microsoft and Readify recently conducted research to determine the benefits, challenges and drivers to IoT adoption. Download now: