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  • Android ransomware 'Koler' turns into a worm, spreads via SMS

    A malicious Android app that takes over the screen of devices and extorts money from users with fake notifications from law enforcement agencies was recently updated with a component that allows it to spread via text message spam.

    Written by Lucian Constantin22 Oct. 14 23:16
  • Rare SMS worm targets Android devices

    A rare Android worm that propagates itself to other users via links in text messages has been discovered by security researchers.

    Written by Lucian Constantin27 June 14 23:44
  • BYOD Widening Employee-Employer Trust Gap, Survey Finds

    Webroot today released the results of a survey on BYOD that suggests the employee-employer trust gap is widening. The company also created an eight-point "BYOD Bill of Rights" to help bridge that gap while keeping corporate data secure.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige22 May 14 09:48