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  • How much tax do big tech companies pay?

    Large U.S. tech companies should pay income taxes of about 35 percent on the profits they make (above $18.3 million) from business done in the United States. So says the tax code.

    Written by Mark Sullivan13 April 13 17:33
  • Outsourcing risks identified in new APESB guidelines

    The Accounting Professional and Ethical Standards Board (APESB) is looking to help professional accountants manage the various risks associated with outsourcing through new management guidelines.

    Written by CFO World Staff03 April 13 11:36
  • IASB plans for better loan-loss accounting to shake-up banks

    A decision by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) to revise the way loan-loss provisioning is undertaken could have significant ramifications for banks and the financial services market worldwide.

    Written by CFO World Staff08 March 13 10:29