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  • Full speed ahead for 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi

    Last December customers were peppering wireless LAN vendors with questions about whether to upgrade to the pre-standard-but-certified 802.11ac products flooding the market or hold off until 2015, when more powerful "Wave 2" Gigabit Wifi gear was expected to become prevalent.

    Written by Bob Brown05 Dec. 14 07:10
  • Public-facing Wi-Fi deployments taking off

    Wi-Fi network deployments in stadiums and city councils are growing in Australia, according to IDC's Asia/Pacific Quarterly Wireless LAN (WLAN) Tracker Q3 2013.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett16 Jan. 14 15:05
  • New Wi-Fi coming in waves, but surf at your own risk

    802.11ac is all the rage, and rightfully so. It represents another fundamental change in the innovation of the Wi-Fi 802.11 protocol that promises to boost wireless LAN speeds into the gigabit world.

    Written by David Callisch, VP of marketing, Ruckus Wireless21 June 13 19:20
  • Cloud computing is about to get personal

    While businesses have been deploying cloud technology for some time, it's only recently that personal cloud services have emerged. The advent of the personal cloud means content, applications and computing power can move off the device. So, will we still need sophisticated tablets, PCs and smartphones if the power resides elsewhere?

    Written by Patrick Lo, chairman and chief executive officer, NETGEAR06 June 13 16:31
  • WLAN revenues dip as buyers wait for 11ac products

    Revenues for wireless LAN products dropped 7% in Q1 2013 compared to the previous quarter. The drop in part is due to buyers delaying purchases as they wait for new WLAN products based on the so-called "Gigabit Wi-Fi" standard, IEEE 802.11ac, according to Infonetics Research.

    Written by John Cox31 May 13 14:01
  • Technologies to watch 2013: Gigabit Wi-Fi

    The next major advance in Wi-Fi, the still-in-draft IEEE 802.11ac standard, seems like a slam-dunk: It promises data rates ranging from 433Mbps to, in some configurations, 1.3Gbps, hence the label "Gigabit Wi-Fi." What's not to like?

    Written by John Cox02 Jan. 13 12:04