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  • 5G use will increase energy costs: study

    More than 90 per cent of telecommunications operators fear the rollout of 5G technologies will result in much higher costs which will be passed onto consumers, according to new research.

    Written by Byron Connolly28 Feb. 19 12:13
  • Apple takes a slow, steady route with smartwatch sales

    Apple has deliberately taken a cautious approach to debuting its first wearable, preferring to see how people interact with the Apple Watch and ensure that the device meets the company's high quality standards instead of initially ramping up production.

    Written by Fred O'Connor15 April 15 05:48
  • Which vendors will be on target in the era of New IT

    The major technology shifts under way -- the move to cloud-based services and reduced importance of the data center, the growth of mobile devices and apps and related decline in use of traditional PCs, and the greater emphasis on big data/analytics rather than traditional analytics -- are having a huge impact on corporate IT.

    Written by Bob Violino18 Feb. 14 17:09