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  • Wandera eyes enterprise data roaming costs

    Eyeing the sometimes considerable data roaming bills that companies receive, a startup called Wandera launched a service Wednesday that promises to cut down on roaming data use.

    Written by Martyn Williams10 April 13 11:09
  • Vodafone, Ericsson test feature to make rural mobile coverage cheaper

    Ericsson and Vodafone in Egypt have successfully tested a new way to build more energy-efficient networks in rural areas, and make it possible to build networks where they previously could not be built, according to the vendor.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs08 April 13 16:58
  • Bills would require police to get warrants for mobile phone location

    A group of U.S. lawmakers has introduced legislation that would require law enforcement agencies to get court-ordered search warrants before obtaining a suspect's mobile phone location or GPS data, instead of using prosecution-issued subpoenas.

    Written by Grant Gross21 March 13 18:23
  • LTE handsets in favor as China prepares to issue 4G licenses

    As China prepares to launch its 4G networks, a steady stream of LTE enabled devices will begin entering the country next year, with close to 25 percent of all smartphone shipments designed for the next generation service, according to research firm IDC.

    Written by Michael Kan08 March 13 09:39
  • US FTC cracks down on text spam

    The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has filed eight complaints against companies allegedly involved in sending unsolicited text messages offering free gifts or gift cards, with the agency alleging the defendants have sent 180 million spam texts.

    Written by Grant Gross07 March 13 17:55
  • Aussie mobile data traffic to increase sixfold

    Australian mobile data traffic is set to experience a compound annual growth rate of 43 per cent between now and 2017 as more people get access to 4G networks, according to Cisco.

    Written by Hamish Barwick06 March 13 14:12
  • Small-cell chip, network rollouts point to a diverse future

    In Star Wars terms, the small cells that mobile carriers and vendors will be talking up this week at Mobile World Congress are more like the odd-couple androids R2-D2 and C-3PO than like their foes, the Empire's phalanxes of identical storm troopers.

    Written by Stephen Lawson25 Feb. 13 14:44
  • New smartphone OSes, network technologies vie for attention in Barcelona

    ZTE smartphones based on Firefox OS along with Nokia's new Windows Phone-based devices will share the spotlight at this year's Mobile World Congress with next-generation network technologies that offer higher download speeds and help operators combat growing volumes of data.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs21 Feb. 13 17:47
  • FCC eyes Wi-Fi expansion, approves mobile signal boosting rules

    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has taken the first step toward an expansion of the spectrum available for Wi-Fi, with the agency launching a rulemaking proceeding to open new parts of the 5GHz spectrum to unlicensed uses.

    Written by Grant Gross20 Feb. 13 20:40