Drone arena opens in Korea

​Drone enthusiasts in South Korea now have a place to test their skills with the opening this week of the DJI Arena in Yongin City.

  • The arena is owned by DJI, a Chinese manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicle technology.

  • The facility aims to provide a gathering place for aerial enthusiasts as well as a practice venue for people who are learning about aerial technology such as first time pilots, the company said.

  • DJI’s Korea country manager Moon Tae-hyun, said the DJI Arena will help foster local drone culture and play an important role in building a healthy UAV ecosystem in Korea.

  • The 1,395 square metre arena includes an adjustable LED-lit circuit for pilots, LCD TVs that show spectators a first person view from the drone, and a maintenance room with charging docks and workstations for minor repairs.

  • Rental for corporate and special events is available between 10:00am and 8:00pm all week.

  • The minimum venue rental fee is 500,000 KRW (US$452) for 30 people and 30,000 KRW (US$27) per additional participant. Bookings must be made two weeks in advance.

  • Visitors are required to make reservations via an online application form ( For those visiting from outside of Korea, reservations can be made at

  • Children aged between 8 and 16 can also learn about DJI’s aerial technologies and become a skilled pilot. As part of the program, participants will learn the features of the Phantom 4, safety tips and best practices, and complete a total of eight practice sessions during the one month course, which starts in September.

  • DJI’s professional pilots provide personal training if participants prefer a more tailored program.

  • The drone maintenance room

  • The drone maintenance room

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