Intel's Drone 100 lights up Sydney skyline at Vivid

100 choreographed drones take flight for Vivid Festival performance

  • Intel’s world-record-holding drone performance, made its public debut as part of Vivid Festival in Sydney.

  • When its inaugural flight took place in November 2015 in Hamburg, Germany, Drone 100 set a Guinness World Record for the most number of unmanned aerial vehicles flying simultaneously.

  • The Vivid performance was the first time Drone 100 had ever been done above water, in front of a live, public audience in the heart of a major city.

  • “With drones quickly emerging as an important computing platform of the future, Drone 100 exemplifies what it means to reinvent experiences with new technology,” said Anil Nanduri, Intel’s GM of unmanned aviation systems for its Perceptual Computing Group.

  • The performance was designed to delight audiences and highlight the potential of UAVs, including the different ways they could be integrated into different industries.

  • The drones, controlled by one main pilot, followed a bespoke animation designed specifically for the Sydney performance.

  • The drones ahead of their public debut in front of the Sydney skyline.

  • The performance was synchronised to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, performed live by the Sydney Youth Orchestra.

  • The drones form Intel's logo in the sky.

  • The seven-minute performance wowed audiences who had travelled from across the world to attend the festival.

  • The Sydney Youth Orchestra provided the soundtrack to the display, playing Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.

  • "Through this experience, we hope to inspire the imagination of Vivid Sydney festivalgoers and highlight the future potential of drone technology,” said Intel's Anil Nanduri.

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