In Pictures: 9 futuristic display technologies

Fast-moving tech is redefining the electronic display as screens get bigger, better, and bendier

In Pictures: 9 futuristic display technologies next


9 far-out future display technologies

For decades, there was exactly one way to look at electronically displayed text and images: the cathode ray tube. This hardworking, stalwart technology was the display of choice for everything, from radar systems in the 1940s all the way to desktop PCs in the 1990s, with millions of heavy, fragile cabinet TVs in between.

As computing has moved out of the office, into the home, and onto the streets, so has display technology. Here we look at emerging initiatives for the traditional workstation, as well as potential developments in screen tech for mobile, gaming, and outdoor environments. Consider this less a comprehensive overview of display technology -- entire segments of the industry are dedicated to that -- than a leisurely scroll through some of the more far-out displays the future may hold.

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In Pictures: 9 futuristic display technologies

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