In Pictures: Secrets of Office for iPad masters

Tips, tricks, tweaks, and twerks for Office gurus looking to make the most of the iPad variant

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The essential guide to making the most of Office for iPad Office for iPad and Office for Windows and Mac share a few idiosyncrasies, but by and large they're completely different programs. While you can pick up a document in one and use it in the other, and some concepts carry over, there's a big gulf between the computer versions of Office and the touch-first transmogrification on the iPad.

If you've ever tried to tap your way through Office 2013 on a mouse-less PC, Office for iPad will blow you away. The interface runs rings around the Office we've known for decades, for touch-first situations. But if you're looking for a specific feature that's in Office 2013, you may well come up empty-handed.

If you're coming from a computer version of Office, here's what you can do to make Office for iPad -- both the free version and the Office 365 paid version -- work better for you.

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In Pictures: Secrets of Office for iPad masters

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