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Glenn Archer quit his role as Australian government CIO in February 2014 after only being in the role for a little over a year.

In May last year, [[artnid: 463074|Archer launched the Australian Government Cloud Computing Policy version 2.0|]] that aligns with the National Cloud Computing Strategy. He had said one of the biggest benefits government can gain from working in a cloud environment is improving its operations and interactions between government agencies.

“One [issue] that we have had for quite a while but it just getting worse, frankly, is the unbelievably complex nature of the interaction between me, government agencies and each other and external parties.

“What we see now is often very complex arrangements of linking IT systems which work just fine until you see there’s some change in the structure of a department or there’s some opportunity of government change and you have to manage that. “In a cloud environment, policy ownership is not such a big issue because of your ability to move the underlying application between entities is much easier.

"And if you do need to form some kind of integration hopefully we will look to do that in a cloud environment not between physical departments of state.”

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