Archos turns to Bluetooth Low Energy to monitor activities in the home

A tablet linked to a range of sensors and control devices allows the programming of simple home monitoring and automation scenarios

  • Part of the Archos smart home range, the Weathertag reports temperature and humidity over a Bluetooth LE connection, while the Motiontag will report if it is moved.

  • The Archos Motion Ball can watch for movement for up to two years on three LR2540 button cells, signalling a presence over Bluetooth LE.

  • The Archos Mini Cam can remain on watch for up to two years on three LR2450 button cells, and transmits VGA-resolution images over a Bluetooth LE connection.

  • The Archos Mini Cam can swivel in any direction on its magnetic mount. It connects to a hub via Bluetooth LE.

  • An app on the Archos Smart Home Tablet monitors sensors around the home, showing their current status and recent history.

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