In Pictures: itSMF LEADit 2013

In Canberra, ITSM disciples talk service management, get funky on the dance floor

  • IT professionals met this week in Canberra for the itSMF LEADit conference.

  • The show floor at the National Convention Centre in Canberra.

  • Telstra and Kinetic IT had booths in the exhibition.

  • Peter Doherty, known by some as the "ITIL Ninja", was MC for the conference.

  • Charles Araujo, founder of the IT Transformation Institute, opened the conference with a keynote about [[artnid:523038|the need for IT managers to become IT leaders]].

  • Araujo outlined [[artnid:523038|four roles for IT leaders]].

  • Attendees wore bands proclaiming, "I'm a Catalyst4Change."

  • Janine Modaro, a director at Telstra, spoke about the need to [[artnid:523046|turn customers into advocates.]]

  • Karen Ferris, itSMF director of publications, compared ITSM tool selection to a game of Monopoly. She noted that the vendors in this image do not correspond to the value of their property on the board.

  • ITSM professionals showed a more colourful side in a costumed debate about whether the service desk is irrelevant.

  • The red team argued the service desk is not irrelevant.

  • The blue team took the view that self-service is the way to go.

  • Naturally, things got a bit ugly.

  • Entrepreneur Amber Case showed off Google Glass in a keynote about [[artnid:523161|the future of the interface]].

  • "IT Skeptic" Rob England [[artnid:523189|hopes to find harmony]] between followers of DevOps and ITIL.

  • ITSM consultant Aale Roos said it's time to unlearn certain parts of ITIL.

  • Conference attendees had a gala awards dinner at Parliament House, sponsored by Telstra.

  • Drinks in Parliament House.

  • Of course they had living statues.

  • Comedy!

  • HDAA managing directorm Iain Maitland was pulled up to the stage.

  • itSMF Australia chair, Kathryn Heaton

  • A band gets the party started

  • Go guitar, go! Rock out!

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