Driverless cars yield to reality: It's a long road ahead

Several automotive and tech groups are researching the technology, but a fully self-driving car could be far off

  • A LIDAR test vehicle of sensor maker Velodyne drives through a California street.

  • GPS and radio antennas on the roof of Stanford University's autonomous driving test vehicle.

  • An autonomous driving test vehicle sits in a garage workshop at Stanford University in California.

  • This Nissan test vehicle, on show at Ceatec 2012 in Japan, is able to park itself.

  • What the LIDAR sees. This image, taken from a LIDAR sensor mounted on the roof of a car, shows a downtown street in California. Other vehicles, buildings and objects are visible.

  • A Lexus car outfitted with autonomous driving sensors and systems, on show at CES 2013 in Las Vegas in January 2013.

  • Sergey Brin speaks during an autonomous vehicle event at Google headquarters in Mountain View in September 2012

  • Cars on the 101 freeway in Silicon Valley

  • Cars on the 101 freeway in Silicon Valley

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