CIO movers and shakers

A look at recent movements among Australian CIOs

  • Former Westpac chief technology officer [[artnid: 433148|Sarv Girn started as CIO at Reserve Bank of Australia in September 2012|]]. Girn has previously been executive consultant to the CIO of Qantas, Paul Jones, and has held strategic roles at both Westpac and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

  • Glenn Archer stepped into the Australian Government CIO role, following [[artnid: 442716|Ann Steward’s retirement in December 2012|]]. Archer became the first assistant secretary of the policy and planning division of the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) in June 2010 before becoming CIO [[arnid: 444882|AGIMO said it will take a whole-of-government approach to its ICT operations|]] as part of a restructure, which is to be effective from 4 February 2013.

  • [[artnid: 446492|Eija Seittenranta was appointed as CIO of Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS) on 3 January 2013|]] after being the [[artnid: 439325|acting CIO for about three months|]]. Seittenranta’s appointment comes off the back of a [[xref: |report (PDF)|]] that was released in 2012, stating that the ICT organisation within the department was fragmented and needed a CIO to manage ICT staff and services for parliamentarians and their electorate offices.

  • Dr Peter Lawrence was appointed as CIO of the [[artnid: 438930 |Department of Defence|]] in October 2012. Dr Lawrence was also CIO at ANZ Bank in New Zealand between 2008 and 2011. He has also held various senior roles with Royal Dutch Shell in Australia, the United Kingdom and Japan.

  • Hewlett Packard’s former vice president of infrastructure technology in Singapore, [[artnid: 440604|John McInerne, commenced his role as CIO at NBN Co on 3 December 2012|]], following [[artnid: 434468 |Claire Rawlins’ resignation|]]. McInerne has previously been CIO at Telstra and has held several senior management roles in the telecommunications and technology sectors over the past 15 years.

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