20 years of ThinkPad notebooks

A staple in many enterprises, the ThinkPad notebook line just turned 20

  • In October 1992, IBM premiered the first three ThinkPad notebooks: The 700, 700C and 700T. Since its debut, the ThinkPad line has become a staple in many enterprises. In 2005, Chinese company Lenovo purchased the ThinkPad business from IBM.

  • The ThinkPad 700 with its black-and-white display.

  • The IBM ThinkPad 700C was equipped with an amazing colour display.

  • The ThinkPad 700C

  • The ThinkPad 700T with its electromagnetic pen. It's like the iPad, except not at all really. The monochrome display had a VGA resolution (640x480 pixels).

  • A 1994 ad for the ThinkPad 360 using author John Grisham to plug the notebook.

  • The ThinkPad 755CD: The first laptop with an integrated CD-ROM drive. Remember those? Probably not.

  • The ThinkPad 701c: A 10.4-inch notebook with a foldout 'butterfly; keyboard. It debuted in 1995.

  • The IBM ThinkPad TransNote: This innovate notebook incorporated pen computing: Anything scrawled on the notebook on the right side is captured by a digitiser. It was launched in February 2001.

  • The IBM ThinkPad 570: A laptop which would be perfect visiting [[xref:|Ravenholm]], but we don't go there.

  • The sleek Lenovo ThinkPad X1: An excellent 14-inch ultraportable notebook with a carbon fibre lid. If you want to know more about the ThinkPad line, [[xref:|]] is a great resource.

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