In pictures: ASKAP radio telescope launched in WA

ASKAP using NBN connection to transfer data at 40GB per second to Perth

  • CSIRO's Phased Array Feed (PAF) receiver mounted on an ASKAP telescope dish. The ASKAP is made up of 36 radio telescope antenna which will `listen’ to radio waves from the cosmos.

  • Close up of the PAF receiver.

  • The ASKAP telescope dishes will be combined with a further 60 dishes due to begin construction in 2016 to form part of the world's largest radio telescope- the Square Kilometre Array (SKA).

  • ASKAP telescope dishes from the air.

  • Aerial shot showing the Murchision Radio Astronomy Observatory.

  • Data generated by the ASKAP telescope dishes on its first day of operation is expected to be more than contained in the US Library of Congress.

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